With the restrictions here in MA having recently been lifted, we would like to welcome all of you back in to come visit, chat, and discuss your policies with us here at Samel Insurance! However, at this time when entering the building you do have to wear a mask, so we can’t quite see your smiling faces yet. All of our staff in the office have been fully vaccinated so you can feel safe while we warmly welcome you back. We’ve missed you!

Speaking of staff-hello there! I wanted to quickly introduce myself, as I think you’ll be “seeing” a lot of me around here pretty soon. My name’s Amanda Contildes and I am the newest employee of Samel Insurance. I’ve been here now for about a month. My insurance background has varied over the past 6 years. Starting at a large agency to a direct writer and now here. Here at Samel I think I’ve found my insurance niche, and I’m looking forward to get to know all of you as you come or call in. When I’m not at work, I’m usually either reading, taking care of my plants, or making sure my rabbit and cat don’t try to eat them. I also enjoy going for a quick hike or a drive to explore places I haven’t been to yet. I’m also known to hunt for small independent bookstores.  Come in and say hi, I’d love to meet all of you!