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Our Travel Insurance is available to all Samel Insurance and Paramount Insurance clients, your friends, neighbors and acquaintances at the links found below.
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GeoBlue Insurance
Short Term and Long Term Travel Medical Insurance for US citizens visiting or living abroad or traveling in the US. These plans are great for students, group trips, and employees traveling for their companies. GeoBlue leverages the Blue Cross Blue Shield Network and coordinates especially well if you have primary insurance with Blue Cross (but works with domestic health plans). GeoBlue offers plans that require primary domestic health insurance AND plans that have no primary health insurance requirements. These plans are excellent for US citizens who live abroad and travel within the US too.
GeoBlue Insurance
HTH offers Short and Long Term Travel Medical Insurance, International Expatriate Health Insurance, International Student Health Insurance (for international students studying in the US), AND Trip Protection Plans. Insurance limits up to $1,00,000 and coverage can be found in 180 countries. Trip Protection Plans cover trip cancellation up to $50,000 and trip interruption up to 200% of the trip cost.