As soon as the clock strikes 8:30AM, the work begins. The morning challenge starts by tackling the overflowing inbox of emails that accumulated the night before into the early hours. For some, this means scrolling through the emails at 5AM while on the elliptical to see what the day has in store. These emails range from an insured updating us on a change of address to requesting a flood policy to be completed to provide insurance on the property or even a question unrelated to insurance just looking for a helpful opinion and guidance.

These emails are sorted based on the urgency and importance of the tasks. Research and investigating are required to fill the gaps of information–Google is our friend in times of need. The continuous clicking through websites to collect the information needed whether it’s for a property’s square footage or the heat source to mapping how far a property is to the coastline. At last, the data needed is retrieved and the homeowner’s quote process can begin. Going down the list of entering the exterior wall type, the number of stories, residence location to only be put on pause for the insured on line 10 with an auto claim to report.

Alright, the claim has been submitted to the carrier and entered in the agency’s system and back to the homeowner’s quote to determine the policy that best suits the client. The quote has been sent to the client to find out she has an auto policy for her Jeep Wrangler which turns out to be great news since it significantly decreases the premium pricing by placing the home and auto under the same carrier.

Jerry stops into the office with his umbrella policy to get clarification and understanding of the policy in simple terms. Jingling starts echoing in the hall to have Jon’s 8 month puppy Diesel bust through the office to make a stop at everyone’s desk to make sure we all know he’s spending the day with us and maybe even get a quick scratch.

The phone rings again with an insured panicking trying to inquire if he’s fully covered on his auto policy after finding out his 16-year-old daughter passed her license test today during the meeting with Jerry. Once Jerry’s gone, we will give this distressed father the good and bad news. The good news comes first that he is fully covered; however, he’s going to see a spike in his premium with his teenage daughter being added on the policy.

Time for a lunch break.

The inbox is stocked with emails again. The prioritizing begins once again. There is a list of policy renewals waiting to get their annual quote to see if the insured should stay with their current carrier or switch to a cheaper and more fitting policy. In this case, Mark should continue with his current carrier and will be quoted again in another 365 days. On the other hand, we found a better price for Anne with a different carrier and inform her of the available option and the additional discount options such as going paperless or paying in full. These are the moments that get us excited.

A true highlight of a day is working on a new client quote and finding not only a better policy, but a policy that saves the client large sums of money. We are constantly seeing new client’s be overcharged with their previous carriers. These are the times that we celebrate that our hard work paid off by finding our client a carrier to provide the right coverage all while at a better price because who doesn’t love saving money?

There is a to do list of endorsements to upload to insured’s policies waiting to be completed. We change an insured’s college-student son from an occasional to excluded driver once he heads back to school then add coverage for insured’s new engagement ring and onto removing the Honda Civic off an auto policy.

The day is winding down, a fax comes in at 4:51 requesting a stamped RMV1 and binder from the car dealership for an insured transferring plates. The forms get completed and quickly fax them back to finish the day.